Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monitize your website with image space media

                                   Your website will earned money

Main page of Image Space Media

 Tips on how you  earned money through with the used Image Space Media

1.Type the url or type in search engine.

2.  Sign Up with ISM, and wait the confirmation they will send you an approval notice to your log-in email.

3. Log in to their website.

If your account is already approved.


Start your domain setup by clicking on the Create Tab.
  • Submit the domain like mine
 Our code.

They provide you with a snippet of JavaScript. Insert it into your site's code.


Once you add their  code, you should start seeing their Public  ads immediately. It means your code  works
 Get Paid.
  Publishers paid?

ISM  distribute payments every 90 days, ISM will pay you seven days after the end of the month via US Mail or PayPal once you earned $25  .

Image Space Media Logo

So what are you waiting for sign-up now and set back. Getting money through is so simple as long as you have an interest topic that suit to your readers.

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